Learn About Practical Shooting

Practical shooting is a modern and particularly “lively” and recreational sport for the shooter himself and for the spectators that requires speed, accuracy, flexibility, speed of manoeuvring and development of tactical and strategic perception. Although not an Olympic sport, it is practised in more than 90 countries and has hundreds of thousands of loyal athletes.

In this event, the shooter competes in a series of simulation venues called “stages” and is called in the shortest possible time to put the most precision in a series of targets that are in different distances and angles.

These goals in turn can be paper or metal, stationary or moving, simple or multiple, completely uncovered or partially covered, targets with mechanisms that when they are exposed, or trigger other targets or end dams or obstacles.

The shooter on his side must achieve the optimum combination between precision in his shots, and the speed with which he will manage to complete each stage.

Who can be shooters
in the sport of shooting practice may participate anyone if they meet the conditions of registration in a shooting club. * The courses are conducted by experienced instructors of our association, recognized by the Hellenic Shooting Federation and include:

* Rules and practice of safe handling of weapons.

* identification, control, loading-unloading of various types of weapons.

* Maintenance and safe guarding of weapons.

* Theoretical and practical sports shooting lessons at our range.

In order to participate in trainings and competitions with our club as members it is not necessary to have your own weapon, but you can use the weapons of the club. After completing the first year as a regular member of the club, and as long as the necessary conditions are fulfilled you can apply for the acquisition of your own firearm.

Rules and regulations IPSC
because the sport of practical shooting has to do with the use of weapons and ammunition (cartridges) the regulations of trainings and competitions are very strict and are fully respected, in order to ensure the safety of shooters, coaches, judges, spectators and everyone involved in the sport.

The regulations of practical shooting are defined by the International Practical shooting Confederation (I.P.S.C.), which is based in Amsterdam, Holland.

In Greece the institution Exercising the supervisory role Of the activities of the shooting practice is a Greek Shooting Federation (SK.O.E.), the Police authorities, which supervise the observance of laws and special regulations concerning the possession and use of weapons and Ammunition and most of 90 sports clubs engaged in practical shooting. H.P.S.C. is recognized by SK.O.E..